You may have noticed that looks a little different… After 8 years of writing this blog all on my lonesome (with a few guests, of course!) it was time to expand into a team! As such, I have invited my two favourite colleagues and friends, Dr. Lauren Sulz and Dr. Hayley Morrison to join me in a new endeavour called – the Healthy Schools LAB! Over the next several months, we will be sharing more about the LAB, adding new blogs and updating the site ( accordingly. For now, you can check out the vision and mission of the LAB here. The two domains are linked so if you are looking for previous posts – not too worry! They are all still here.

Dr. Lauren Sulz (in the middle) has been an Assistant Professor in the Department of Secondary Education at UAlberta since 2015. Lauren is a highly respected researcher and teacher in the area of healthy schools, sport, health and physical education. She recently won the prestigious Provost’s Award for Early Achievement of Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching.

Dr. Hayley Morrison, (on the left) has been an Assistant Professor in the Department of Elementary Education at UAlberta since 2019 and began her contributions to our team as a PhD student and full-time instructor in the Department prior to attaining a tenure track position. Hayley has won several teaching awards as a PhD student and is an emergent leader in the field of inclusive physical education.

Dr. Douglas Gleddie, (the tall, handsome one) you already know… But, to refresh your memory, I am an Associate Professor in the Department of Elementary Education where I teach and research in the areas of meaningful physical education, physical literacy and teacher education. I also happen to have won a teaching award or two and have been involved in the HPE community in Alberta and Canada for over 25 years.

As members of the Healthy Schools LAB, we (a) work collaboratively and closely together to critique and support teaching (undergraduate and graduate), research and service; (b) ensure the best possible educational experience for our students by fostering an educative and inquiry driven teaching climate; (c) co-design and share pedagogical practices and resources for innovative and student-centered instruction; (d) disseminate research based on teaching as well as teaching based on research broadly to impact teaching and learning in higher education, and; (e) engage in continual reflection and research to ensure that student experiences have maximum impact on students’ professional and contextual growth.

Recently, our team (teaching unit) was super pumped to receive the 2020 Teaching Unit Award for our work with the 2018 #hpeMEd cohort. We are very proud of the twenty-four graduate students in the first ever HPE Cohort and look forward to the 2020 Cohort beginning this summer. Stay tuned for information on a forthcoming book featuring chapters written by the 2018 Cohort and co-edited by our team! And, congratulations on your forthcoming convocation!

Looking forward to the journey that will be the Healthy Schools LAB!