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Did you know that the University of Alberta offers a Health and Physical Education MEd Cohort?

Well, we do! Complete information can be found on our Cohort Website but here’s a short overview FYI:

  • Course-based program with an option to switch to thesis.
  • Offered every two years (for now). The #classof2022 is in progress and the next start date will be Summer 2022 (application deadline is December 1, 2021).
  • 6 courses are completed online (mostly asynchronous with some synchronous opportunities.
  • 4 courses are completed in-person on the UAlberta campus over two consecutive summers (2 weeks each summer).


The HPE MEd Cohort #classof2020 has crossed the (virtual) stage! Check out the Faculty of Education’s article on our fabulous students.

We had three students convocate in Spring 2020, nineteen in Fall 2020 and our final two thesis students (transferred part way through!) will convocate Spring 2021.

Wow – what an accomplishment! It has been an honour and a pleasure working with all of these fabulous students and we know they are going to keep doing great things!

Graduate Students in the Lab

Jodi Harding Kuriger (PhD): Meaningful Physical Education

Stacey Hannay (PhD): Physical Literacy

Jon Mauro (PhD): School Sport for All

Kevin Keirs (PhD): Outdoor Education

Sherry Holloway (PhD): Adapted Physical Education

Recent Graduates

HPE MEd Cohort #1
(2018 – 2020)
Michelle Alberts, Tyler Baier, Laura Boudens, Megan Brain (Thesis), Tory Boeckh, Nick Brown, Hanna Burger, Lindsay Burns, Meagan Clarke, Chris Fenlon-MacDonald, Nadeen Halls, Kim Hordal-Hlewka, Nicki Keenliside, Amanda McGarry, Sharlene McNairn, Liam Mills, Jillian Nanavaty, Lori Olson-Johns, Gina Otte, Ty Riddick, Susan Shearer, Courtney Wald, Logan Woytowich, Adrian Xavier (Thesis)

Masters Thesis Students
Andrew Morgan (2020): Applied Physical Literacy in an Urban High School

PhD Students
Hayley Morrison (2018): Professional development for inclusive physical education: Fostering educative experiences

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