The Healthy Schools Lab will heighten awareness and understanding of issues and opportunities surrounding health and wellness in the K to PhD education system and contribute to the collective development of a healthy, active society.


February 15, 2023

INTERNATIONAL COHORT: Masters of Education

November 1, 2022 in Announcements

New Book!

We are happy to announce the launch of our latest book titled: Our Journey: The Health and Physical Education Masters Cohort Experience Here is a quick synopsis: In the Summer…
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The Latest from our Blog

December 6, 2022

A Poem About Standardized Testing

April 24, 2021 in Featured

An Open letter to Alberta Parents of School-aged Children

This post was shared by a good friend of the Healthy School Lab, Dr. Shelly Russell-Mayhew. You can find her original open letter on her website. Shelly is a Full…
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April 14, 2021 in Featured

Review: Alberta Education’s Draft

Review: Alberta Education’s Draft K-6 Physical Education and Wellness Curriculum It’s now been a week since World Health day and over here at the Healthy Schools Lab we’ve been spending…
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January 11, 2021 in Featured

Preparing for Round 2: Teaching PETE Online

Taking away positives from “emergency teaching” Well folks, September to December has been one of the most “interesting” semesters I have taught in post-secondary education. My friends and colleagues teaching K-12…
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December 9, 2020 in Featured

Physical Literacy Praxis: AN evidence Based Framework for Your Review

Hey #physed’ers! It’s been awhile since I posted anything about physical literacy (like, 2 years…). Oh well – sometimes formulating ideas, searching for evidence and getting cool graphics designed just…
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