Recent Publications

Refereed Publications:

Sulz, L.D., Gleddie, D.L., Urbanski, W., & Humbert, L. (in press). Improving school sport: Teacher coach and athletic director perspectives. Sport in Society.

Nesdoly, A., Gleddie, D.L., & McHugh, T. -L. (in press). An exploration of Indigenous peoples’ perspectives of physical literacy. Sport, Education, and Society.

Lorusso, J., Johnson, A., Morrison, H., A., Stoddard, A., Borduas, C., Cameron, N., Lim, C., & Price, C. (2020). Looking through the lens: Capturing the experiences of physical and health education graduate students in Canada. Physical Education & Sport Pedagogy.

McKernan, C., Gleddie, D.L., & Storey, K. (2020) Student-centred photovoice as a mechanism for home-school interaction: Teacher perceptions of efficacy. Health Education Journal,79(1), 82-93.

Morrison, H. & Gleddie, D.L. (2019) Playing on the same team: Getting teachers and educational assistants on the same page in physical education. Journal of Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance, 90(8), 34-41.

Robinson, D., Randall, L., Barrett, J., Gleddie, D.L., & Berg, S. (2019) Canada’s 150-minute ‘Standard’ in Physical Education: A Consideration of Research Evidence Related to Physical Education Instructional Time. Curriculum Studies in Health and Physical Education.

McKernan, C., Montemurro, G., Chahal, H., Veugelers, P., Gleddie, D.L., & Storey, K. (2019) Translation of school-learned health behaviours into the home: student insights through photovoice. Canadian Journal of Public Health. 1-10. 10.17269/s41997-019-00232-1

Bradford, B., Gleddie, D.L., Millard, C. (2019) The principal factor: A literature review juxtaposing the roles of elementary physical education teachers and principals. Physical and Health Education Canada Journal, 84(4),

Morrison, H. & Gleddie, D.L. (2019). In-service teachers’ and educational assistants’ experiences of professional development for inclusive physical education. Journal of Teaching in Physical Education.

Morrison, H. & Gleddie, D.L. (2019). Interpretive case studies of inclusive physical education: Shared experiences from diverse school settings. International Journal of Inclusive Education. DOI: 10.1080/13603116.2018.1557751

Bracco, E., Lodewyk, K., & Morrison, H. (2019). A case study of disengaged adolescent girls’ experiences with physical education and teaching games for understanding. Curriculum Studies in Health and Physical Education, 10(3), 207-225.

Gleddie, D.L., Sulz, L., Humbert, L. & Zajdel, A. (2018). If you must cut athletes from school sport teams: Consider best practice. Journal of Physical Education, Recreation and Dance (accepted).

Robinson, D.B., Berg, S., & Gleddie, D.L. (2018). A scoping review of school-based physical activity and healthy eating/nutrition interventions. Revue phénEPS/PHEnex Journal, 9(2), 1-28.

Lorusso, J. R., Morrison, H. J., & Johnson, A. M. (2017). Canadian physical education and kinesiology unit mission statements: Who is playing by the rules of the game? International Journal of Kinesiology in Higher Education, 2(4), 97-112. doi: 10.1080/24711616.2017.1403872 

Robinson, D.B., Gleddie, D.L., & Berg, S. (2017). At My Best 4-5-6: Users observations of a health education curriculum-support resource. Alberta Journal of Educational Research, 63(3), 249-266.

Faught, E.L., Gleddie, D.L., Storey, K.E., Davison, C.M., & Veugelers, P.J. (2017). Healthy lifestyle behaviours are positively and independently associated with academic achievement: an analysis of a nationally representative sample of Canadian early adolescents. PLOS-ONE, In Press July 2017.

Faught, E.L., Ekwaru, J.P., Gleddie, D.L., Storey, K.E., Asbridge, M., & Veugelers, P.J. (2017) The combined impact of diet, physical activity, screen time and sleep on academic achievement: a prospective study of elementary students in Nova Scotia, Canada. International Journal of Behavioural Nutrition and Physical Activity, 1-13. DOI 10.1186/s12966-017-0476-0

Gleddie, D. L. & Robinson, D. (2017). Creating a healthy school community?  Consider critical elements of educational change. Journal of Physical Education, Recreation and Dance, 88(4), 22-25.

Book Chapters:

Gleddie, D. L., Feith, J., Howe, P.D., Cale, L., & Casey, A. (2016). Joey: Social media as a tool for professional development. In Casey, A., Goodyear, V.A. & Armour, K.M. (Eds.). Digital Technologies and Learning In Physical Education: Pedagogical Cases (pp. 121-136). London, UK:  Routledge.

Sheppard, J. & Gleddie, D.L. (2013). Curriculum models in physical education. In D. Robinson & L. Randall (Eds.), Teaching Physical Education Today (pp. 34-46). Toronto: Thompson Educational Publishing.

Materials for Use in Schools:

Gleddie, D. L. & Kilborn, M. (2012). Active Start – FUNctional fitness charts: Primary grades K-3. Thompson Educational Publishing, Toronto.

Gleddie, D.L. (2010).  Health Promoting Schools: Administrator’s Guide.  Physical and Health Education Canada, Ottawa.

Gleddie, D. L. & Lockwood, T. (Eds.). (2008-2010). Recipe card lesson plans: Grades K-3, set 1 & 2; Grades 4-6, set 1 & 2; Grades 7-9, set 1. Ever Active Schools, Edmonton.

Non-refereed Publications:

McLester, J., Gleddie, D.L., Kell, S. & Sulz, L. (2020). Why HPE? Vision and advocacy for health and physical education. The Runner, 51(1), 41-47.

Sulz, L., Morrison, H., & Fenlon-MacDonald, C. (2020). Supporting Students’ Mental Health in Physical Education Classes. RunnerThe Journal of the Health and Physical Education Council of The Alberta Teachers’ Association, 51(1), 9-16.

Kell, S., Sulz, L., Bradford, B., & Gleddie, D.L. (2019). Research-informed teaching tips for health educators. The Runner, 50(1), 27-32.

Gleddie, D.L. (2019). Meaningful physical education – for life! The Runner, 50(1), 4-6.

Mauro, J., Gleddie, D.L., & Sulz, L. Opinion: Cutting kids from the team shouldn’t end their desire to play. Edmonton Journal, November 3, 2018:

Mauro, J., Gleddie, D.L., & Sulz, L. Increasing engagement by addressing de-selection practices in youth sport. SIRCuit Blog (Sport information resource Centre), October 11, 2018:

Gleddie, D. L. (2018). What the Health. The Runner, 49(1), 15-17.

Jacula, E. & Morrison, H. (2018). Cultivating inclusion in physical education: We are all in this together. RunnerThe Journal of the Health and Physical Education Council of The Alberta Teachers’ Association, 49(1), 40-49.

Sulz, L., Balderson, D., Gleddie, D.L., Hickson, C., Chorney, D., & Kell, S. (2017). Research-informed teaching tips for physical educators. The Runner, 46(1), 9-14.

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