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Comprehensive School Health

Elias, P.H., Montemurro, G., Sulz, L. Torrance, B. & Storey, K. (2020). Canadian after-school care providers’ perceived role promoting healthy lifestyles: a focused ethnography. BMC Public Health 20, 1279

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Physical and Health Education

Fletcher, T., Vasily, A., NiChroinin, D., & Gleddie, D.L. (2021). An Actor-oriented Perspective on Implementing a Pedagogical Innovation in a Cycling Unit. Journal of Teaching in Physical Education

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Lorusso, J., Johnson, A., Morrison, H., A., Stoddard, A., Borduas, C., Cameron, N., Lim, C., & Price, C. (2020). Looking through the lens: Capturing the experiences of physical and health education graduate students in Canada. Physical Education & Sport Pedagogy.

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School Sport

Sulz, L. D., Gleddie, D. L., Kinsella, C., & Humbert, M. L. (2023). The health and educational impact of removing financial constraints for school sport. European Physical Education Review, 29(1), 3–21.

Ahmed, M. D., Yan Ho, K. W., Van Niekerk, L.V., Sulz, L., & Begum, S. (2020). Social support and sport participation motive in female adolescents in India – study of age transition and achievement level. Physical Culture and Sport Studies and Research, 88(1), 10.2478/pcssr-2020-0025 

Sulz, L.D., Gleddie, D.L., Urbanski, W., & Humbert, L. (2020). Improving school sport: Teacher-coach and athletic director perspectives. Sport in Society

Gleddie, D.L., Sulz, L., Humbert, L. & Zajdel, A. (2019). If you must cut athletes from school sport teams: Consider best practices. Journal of Physical Education, Recreation and Dance, 90(2), 24-30.

Mauro, J., Gleddie, D.L., & Sulz, L. Opinion: Cutting kids from the team shouldn’t end their desire to play. Edmonton Journal, November 3, 2018:

Mauro, J., Gleddie, D.L., & Sulz, L. Increasing engagement by addressing de-selection practices in youth sport. SIRCuit Blog (Sport information resource Centre), October 11, 2018:

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